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How Digg Received Me on ESPN and Fox News

What is Digg? For these who do not know, I will use the description right off their net website:

“Digg is a area for men and women to learn and share material from everywhere on the internet. From the greatest on-line places to the most obscure weblog, Digg surfaces the ideal stuff as voted on by our end users. You will not locate editors at Digg – we’re below to give a area exactly where individuals can collectively decide the benefit of material and we’re changing the way individuals take in details on-line.”

I will not go into all the ins and outs of Digg. You can read a good write-up about it below. You essentially post content material you find intriguing to the Digg Neighborhood. The group votes it up or down. If enough folks vote it up and not too several vote it down or “bury it”, your submission tends to make it to the “Front Page” which can create countless numbers of hits to the submission.

Is Digg beneficial to the “obscure bloggers” of which I rely myself? It can be if you keep in mind the key phrase coined by Viacom motion picture mogul Sumner Redstone “Content material IS KING!”. I actually imagined my brother Mark Cuban coined the phrase until I go through about Redstone. This is the golden rule that drives the Digg group.

What is your blog about? Is your website about acquiring visitors from front page postings irrespective of quality of the articles simply because you are advertisement supported? I see a great deal of that on Digg. That kind of material in my viewpoint is not king when it arrives to blogging simply because it is virtually constantly articles created by an individual else. Why not commit some time creating a faithful readership base with high quality and or unique material? If you never people are not likely to arrive back again till you have yet another common submission. I want reader loyalty. I want folks to stick around and search at my several posts. The only way they are heading to do that is if they liked the initial publish I submitted to Digg. When a Digg submission of mine hits entrance page, it is just as or a lot more important to me how several other of my posts are clicked.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with composing about other people’s information. Unless of course you are composing an authentic screenplay it makes perception to write about the globe taking place about you. The crucial for me at minimum is to just take an celebration, even if 500 other men and women have written on it, and make it mine with original suggestions, views and viewpoints. If I can not include anything new (at least new to me) to an celebration, I have a tendency to keep absent from it.

The tendency of some Diggers is to read through only the direct-in when they digg. I attempt to generate a guide-in that encourages visitors to click on the hyperlink to my blog rather than simply digg and remark off of the direct-in. A poor direct-in can get an report buried as speedily as a negative article by itself. The art of creating a very good direct-in can be compared to a a teaser for a Hollywood movie. You want to capture the interest of your audience quickly without supplying to a lot details. You want them to be curious sufficient to go see the motion picture.(your blog) It is a constant learning procedure.

Do not be afraid of the remarks. When Fox News Live goes front web page there can be hundreds of remarks. Several of them are hateful and tough to read through but if you shrug these off and discover the meaningful types you can learn a good deal about ways to boost your producing and articles selection skills. I routinely acquired tortured for my grammar before I commenced functioning more challenging on it. I even now get tortured to a degree but the complaints have reduced drastically.

Listed here is an illustration of how Digg not too long ago labored for me resulting in two ESPN interviews and an look on The Fox Information Channel.

On June 6 2008 I wrote an write-up entitled “Why Athletes Go Broke”. It went popular and generated 814 Diggs. This is a fairly modest quantity for a entrance web page submission. In contrast, the true write-up on my blog gained thirty thousand hits. This is again, not an unusually massive quantity of hits from a front web page submission. The real benefit is the other look for engines and weblogs that choose up on this large variety of hits. This approach obtained my put up discovered by the New York Moments. The Times connected to the my weblog in their Freakonomics Segment in a submit entitled: Why Do So A lot of Superstars Go Broke. It was also posted in their “Whats Online” part. The Times postings resulted in my submission getting picked up by information blogs all in excess of the globe. This resulted in two ESPN interviews and a nationwide visual appeal on the Fox News Channel.(video clip below) I have also acquired several provides to publish for publications.

What classes can be learned from this? There are some that will say that this only transpired due to the fact my last name is Cuban. I dispute that assertion. I have composed several weblogs that have gone entrance page and not generated any fascination over and above Digg. It proves that Digg does function for bloggers even in the face of any disdain by the Digg community toward the running a blog community. I have no idea if this disdain actually exists but I go through about it often. It proves that no matter of any Digg variables, content will often be king. If you have articles that is well timed, fascinating and hits a “public nerve” Digg will work for you. Digg is not just for distributing difficult news all around the web. Digg can operate to distribute your views on that news as properly. You just have to have one thing really worth stating. Digg can pull again the curtain but the viewers nevertheless has to like the display. Be authentic-Be timely-Be daring as a blogger. The Digg neighborhood will stand up and consider recognize.

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